Changes to Grandfather Rights

Some of you may be aware that regulations regarding agrochemicals are changing next year. everyone who uses a professional product, including those who previously relied on ‘Grandfather Rights’, must hold a Certificate of Competence to spray (similar to the sheep dip regulations).

Under the previous UK legislation governing pesticide use, only those born before 31 December 1964 who used an agricultural product on their own or their employer’s land were exempt from the requirement to hold a certificate of competence. After the 26th November 2015 everyone who purchases a professional product must ensure that the intended user holds a certificate of competence. 

Exmoor Farm Services can arrange PA1 (Theory), PA2 (Mounted i.e. Tractor) and PA6 (Knapsack) test that can be held on farm, we would need around 6 people to make each course viable to run. Everyone needs to have a PA1 before they can undertake a PA2 or PA6, the PA1 is a one day theory course and health & safety. PA2 consists of a one day practical course on farm spraying water. The PA6 also is a one day practical. Once the training has taken place a multiple choice test is then taken on a laptop which the trainer will provide. Please call the office on 01271 882860 for more information on spray courses or any other training needs.

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